Special Note:
As of November 20th, 2017, our delivery zone is expanding!! We're thrilled to offer Room Service to Fairview and certain parts of Clayton Park

In 45 minutes or less, Room Service can deliver anywhere in our delivery zone which is highlighted below! We unfortunately can't deliver outside of this area, but are working hard to expand our reach!

Our boundary in Clayton Park ends at the intersection of Dunbrack Street and Knightsridge Drive, continuing on Flamingo Drive to the Bedford Highway. If you have any questions, please contact us at officialroomservice@gmail.com.


Room Service is Halifax's first online convenience store! We accept orders between 12PM and 3AM everyday and deliver within 45 minutes anywhere in our delivery zone! If you'd rather schedule a delivery for later in the day, you can do that as well!

The more you order, the lower the delivery fee!

Order less than $9: $5 delivery fee 

Order between $9 and $50: $2 delivery fee 

Order over $50: Free delivery!!
If you're outside of our delivery zone, don't worry because we're working hard to expand to include other parts of HRM!