What’s our story?

Room Service was born of a desire by 3 brothers and our father to build something that mattered. We set out to create a company that was different, that served a need and was built on the best customer service imaginable.

It was the 2016 Christmas break, when the idea to work together first came up. It was one of those “if you could do anything, what would you do?” kind of conversations you might have around a bonfire at 2am with your best friends. From there, we wondered aloud whether we were fulfilled at our current jobs. It’s not that we hated our jobs and had to do whatever possible to leave, but it was clear that we all had ambitions beyond the normal 9 – 5 life.

We tossed around a number of ideas over many months before we finally came up with the business we have today. We couldn’t believe the positive reaction after talking to friends and family about our little plan, so we started to get the feeling that we were onto something really cool. That’s when we set out to work.

After a couple months of planning, web design, inventory selection and really really hard work, Beth, our jack-of-all-trades first employee, was hired just in time for our launch on August 27th (one day later than planned, oops!). The positive reaction from our city was overwhelming and we could not be more humbled. We feel like we owe it to Halifax to knock this opportunity out of the park, so that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. This story isn’t even close to over yet…


What’s our purpose?

Room Service is an online convenience store. But why? Why would someone pay a couple extra dollars to have a bag of Doritos or a Nerd Rope brought to their home? It’s quite simple, really. Our customers value their time and we’re here to help them make the best possible use of that time.

It’s easy for someone to say Room Service’s customers are lazy, but we don’t think that at all. Our customers come from all kinds of different backgrounds and experiences. Our customers are busy, just like we are. Our customers would rather stay home and play with their kids than run to the store at 8pm because they ran out of milk. They would rather stick around the library for an extra 20 minutes to cram for their Philosophy final. They’d rather not frantically search for Kleenex when the toilet paper runs out 15 minutes before their parents come see their new apartment. And sure, sometimes our customers crave chocolate milk at 6pm on a Saturday night and don’t want to change out of their jammies. We’ll give you that. But let’s be real, who hasn’t been there?

Our customers aren’t lazy. Our customers cut the mundane tasks out of their busy days and focus on the important things in life. The things that are important to them. Whatever that may be.


Who are we?

Johnathan is our President. An angst filled Toronto Maple Leafs fan, he’s also a SMU grad, a Chartered Professional Accountant, a wine lover and a workaholic.  You might find him listening to movie soundtracks while he’s working… bit of a weird dude, to be honest.

Urban is Vice President of Growth. A seasoned entrepreneur in Halifax, his love for the Montreal Canadians is eternally frustrating. We get it, Montreal has won a lot of Stanley Cups. PLEASE stop rubbing it in our faces! Urban’s very limited spare time is usually spent volunteering at his church. Such a gem, this guy!

Craig is Vice President of Technology. He constantly blows us away with what he can do on a computer. His nickname wasn’t Zucks before we started writing this, but it is now! This football fan won his fantasy league last year, can he do it again? Stay tuned to find out!

Jeremy is Vice President of Operations. Another one of those suffering Maple Leaf fans. And he definitely stole his allegiance from his older brother, no doubt. Jeremy is also a SMU grad (copied his older bro on this as well). On the plus side, he has a great beard & makes the best Kraft Dinner on earth.

Beth is… well a whole lot of everything! She helps with inventory, makes deliveries, posts on social media, does accounting, comes up with a ton of good ideas (including the name Room Service!!) and constantly brings smiles to our faces. She’s the best.


What do we care about?

We care about our customers. We care about our city. We care about kindness. We care about building something that matters. And we especially care about saying thanks.

We are incredibly passionate about this business and want nothing more than to delight every customer and let them know how much we appreciate their support, every time they order.

We also really care about stories. Specifically, your stories! We want to hear from you, our customers and friends. We want to know all about the great things you’re doing, the adventures you have planned, the life-changing moments you’ve experienced and the setbacks you’ve overcome. We’re truly inspired by some of the work being done in Halifax and we want to hear all about it, so comment/direct message us on social media, or drop us a line at officialroomservice@gmail.com and let’s get the word out about the amazing people in this little city we call home.