Hi friends!

Just wanted to let you know that we're taking COVID-19 seriously and are taking precautions to make sure both you and our employees are safe! 

Packing and touching your order
Employees have been and will continue to use hand sanitizer when packing orders and before touching your order to drop it off

Social distancing - 6 feet apart
In line with the social distancing recommendations, we're keeping 6 feet of distance everywhere we go. Elevators, parking lots, even in our office, we're keeping 6 feet apart from everyone to keep everyone safe! 

Dropping off your order
Employees will leave your order at your door; then knock on your door or text you that your order has arrived; then we’ll step back at least 6 feet. We'll stick around for a minute to make sure you get your order :)

Payment at the door is changing 
It's impossible to keep 6 feet of distance when you pay with debit at the door, so we're suspending this option indefinitely; however, we're going to be accepting Interac e-Transfer.

When you place your order, send an Interac e-Transfer for the amount of your order to Help@RoomServiceHFX.com and when we receive it, we'll start your 45 minute delivery window! We'll both get an email when the payment goes through, so you'll know exactly when your order should arrive! Just to be clear, your delivery window begins 45 minutes after we receive payment :) We have autodeposit, so no need for a password! 

Since most banks charge $1 per Interac e-Transfer, we'll also send you a gift card to reimburse you for the $1 transaction fee you incur :)


As always, be kind to one another. This is our new normal for a while and even though it's a bit weird, we're going to get through this together!