We're closed for a couple days out of an abundance of caution!

Here's our statement:

A member of our street team has come down with a symptom and has been advised to get a COVID test. To be SUPER CAUTIOUS, we’ve decided to close down until we hear back.
Even though we really want to be out there slinging groceries and snacks around town, we will always put the community’s health and safety first. After all, if you can’t trust us, you’re not going to order from us!
We realize that closing for a single symptom might be over the top, especially since we don’t have any test results back, but we’re taking this super seriously. It wouldn’t be right to continue going into apartment buildings and to people’s homes when we know there’s a chance (even a remote chance) that someone could get sick.
We want to do the right thing and we want our community to continue to trust us. When we reopen, we’ll continue to take these precautions that we’ve been taking since March:
- All staff wear masks on deliveries and in the office,
- All staff sanitize frequently, including every time they enter the office,
- Street Team drivers sanitize their hands immediately before touching anyone’s order,
- Deliveries are placed at the doorstep, then we take a few steps back so that we’re never within 6 feet of an open front door,
- We always skip the crowded elevator and wait for the next one.
We’ll be back in a couple days and this small sacrifice is nothing compared to what our pals in other industries (especially the restaurant industry) are sacrificing. Please continue to shop local, support independent business, spread love and take care of each other!
See you again soon!